What’s It Like to Work with Carol?

At first I discouraged myself from purchasing Carol Rundle's health coaching program due to concern over covering unbudgeted costs: coaching, higher-priced foods, supplements, etc. However, if God so directed me, I would gladly spend this much on someone else for the same reason. Hey, He wanted me to care as deeply about me. Therefore, I purchased this program because I believe God guided me to it as a means of improving my health (having felt unwell for years) and to successfully lose the extra 50 pounds my body labors to support. Since it’s His idea, He knows how I should approach each step, and He’ll help me pay for everything.

To the best of my ability and knowledge I have struggled in vain through various programs, mostly in efforts to lose weight. What attracted me the most to this program was that “Team Felicia” had three members – God, Rev. Rundle, and me.

After buying the program, I discovered that, although groceries cost more, there was a semi-balance to previous costs since I seldom was eating out anymore.

Before purchasing this program I was always hungry and at odds with myself. Counting calories. Making sure I didn’t eat too often, even if I sincerely was hungry. Measuring food to be sure I was eating moderate amounts of (what I hoped) comprised healthy intake five times a day.

I felt defeated all the time. After a few weeks of using this program, I discovered that I wasn’t hungry between meals and/or I could eat fewer times during the day.

I was accustomed to eating spontaneously. What did I feel like eating? Under certain circumstances, what was quick to fix? Having to actually plan each meal was a stumbling block for me. Eventually, I learned to fix larger portions and freeze some of it for future meals. I also focused on keeping meals simple. Now that it has been over a month, once my health started to improve, it was not a problem to put aside my quest for “easy,” and my former disdain over planning ahead changed from a sense of drudgery to a sense of personal success.

Eliminating IBS, partial healing of fibromyalgia, increased energy, less brain fog, and lack of depression are some of the benefits I have received from this program. As I continue this program, I can only expect to define myself as being in health.

Rev. Rundle is very knowledgeable and flexible. I liked that she was a firm guide who wanted the best for me. She did not judge nor criticize. I advanced at my own pace. And what a blast having God working through her and me!

Anyone who is leading a mediocre life because of general poor health often thinks that’s as good as it gets. After all, they aren’t deathly ill. However, if you want more in your life, and you are willing to be guided by God, I encourage you to consider this program.

Though weight loss was secondary to improved health, I have lost 13 pounds in six weeks. A bonanza for me! A great deal of pressure in my life has been replaced by freedom. Improved health. No longer enslaved by useless, laborious weight loss plans. I am successful and have more control of my life. ”

Felicia Hermann, Tucson, AZ

I was totally blown away at the depth of research Carol provided! I found the information was clear and concise and backed up with biblical principles. God made us and He certainly would not leave us without an instruction manual for living and being well. God loves us too much to leave us out in the cold. Carol looked into God’s word and found many of His instructions for wellbeing. Thank you, Carol, for your love for God and His people.”

Kathy Hall, Sierra Vista, AZ

Our church recently had the privilege of hosting Carol Rundle and her husband, Bob, while learning about the Essential Oils.

Carol is a friend of a friend, and though we didn’t know each other, we were open to learn from her experience on the subject. I would also add that our community had three other Essential Oil representatives that are a part of our existing membership and they also attended this workshop.

Our church couldn’t have been more blessed by the learning Carol and Bob facilitated! They were insightful and very professional. It was not a sales presentation. To the contrary, the education was quite informative. I felt the material they shared opened my eyes to God’s original design for our emotional and physical health. And that is something everyone can benefit from no matter what stage of life they are in!

Personal development and fostering an environment for learning is something I want to continually focus on. If you have not had the opportunity to experience what the Bible has to say about Essential Oils, or you just want to explore the origins of this natural resource, I would highly recommend hosting a class with Carol. At the very least, consider meeting with her for a cup of coffee to see if this would be a viable next step for the people you know.”

Jeff Logsdon, Lead Pastor, Hope City Church, Tucson, AZ

Carol is amazing at conveying her message and assisting others in moving into a positive and healthy lifestyle. Through her love of God she is able to spread the word and help others to keep moving forward in His light. She is a complete lover of essential oils and can help others learn how to use them with ease and is an amazing leader on her team.

Heather Santo, Pittsburgh, PA

Why I Choose Carol Rundle to Purchase Young Living Oils From

1. I trust in her judgement

2. Knows the products

3. Had always been honest and truthful about costs and delivery times

4. Always available to answer my questions. If she is not sure of an answer – she searches it out for the correct answer.

5. Her honesty”

Cae Daniel, Tucson, AZ